Becoming an Alongsider – The MARG Network Course

Would you like to take the next step towards learning more about your Hindu neighbors and how you can better serve them?  Sign up for the online course, Becoming an Alongsider, for a self-paced journey towards greater understanding and deeper relationships.

3 million Hindus live in North America.  Perhaps you’ve met some at school or work, in a store or a gym, or living down the street.  Ever wonder what it’s like for your Hindu friend or neighbor living here?  How might we serve as friends and neighbors, coming alongside them in their journeys?

Becoming an Alongsider is an online course produced by the MARG Network that is designed to help you in your journey.  The Becoming an Alongsider course features seven modules of content, includes a mixture of videos and articles, and is hosted on the website Teachable.  In Becoming an Alongsider you’ll find solid answers from fellow alongsiders, Hindus, and scholars to questions like:

  • What are Hinduisms?
  • Why don’t Hindus want to become Christians?
  • How do Hindus experience Jesus?
  • What does devotion to Jesus look like for Hindus?
  • What are the differences between conversion and devotion?

Click here to sign up and take the next step on your journey towards understanding and loving your Hindu friends.