Christ-Followers in Other Religions


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In recent decades many people have begun following Christ while remaining a part of their non-Christian religious communities. These “insider” Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, and other followers of Christ have generated much interest and controversy, particularly in Western mission agencies and churches. In this book Duerksen analyses the ways in which God’s Spirit may be creating “alternative missiological imaginaries” through these individuals and groups, and how their understandings of and witness to Christ can challenge, expand, and de-center prevalent Western understandings of Christian mission and discipleship.

The author has spoken at MARG/Rethinking Forum conferences and did his doctoral research in north India examining contextualization and identity issues among Sikhs and Hindus who were drawn to Jesus. This book examines the imaginary, or perceptual lenses, of various new movements to Jesus and how different the perspectives and concerns of new disciples are from those of traditional Christians of the West. The study weaves together insights from Hindu, Muslim, Native American, and Buddhist disciples of Jesus.

There are many reasons to commend this book, including the introduction to some wonderful lovers of Christ outside of Christianity. Nothing is more commendable than the restraint of the book, the respect for people working out discipleship to Jesus in contexts foreign to Western Christian life. Duerksen not only models this respectful restraint, he provides a satisfying paradigm that accounts for and supports these differences within the body of Christ. Many helpful examples of specific areas of tension and rethinking are outlined, often noting that there is not one simple solution that all insider followers of Jesus agree on. This book deserves a wide readership among all who are interested in new movements toward Christ across the globe.


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