Rethinking Forum 2020

The Digital Conference – July 18, 2020

This year, we are having a fully digital 12+ hour conference.

Testimonials about past Rethinking Forums:

“RF has changed the trajectory of my life and ministry in incalculable ways.”

“You will not find this level of discussion, genuine love, and progressive thinking at any other conference.”

“I am SO grateful to be a part of this group of believers. RF is an invaluable resource and network. Thank you for all that you’re doing to help us love our Hindu friends better!”

“Just meeting RF people we did not know before was a blessing. This is an incredibly important place for encouraging alongsiders, helping sharpen their understanding, and networking between those involved.”

“I love the stimulating discussions of relevant issues that sharpen our thinking and raise our sensitivity and compassion.”

What does a digital RF look like?

You will hear from speakers from Singapore, India, the UK, and the US.

  • The day starts at 9am and ends at 10pm (Eastern US time).
  • There are 7 sessions, with new sessions starting every two hours. Most session will last about 90 minutes with breaks afterward.
  • There will be time for Q&A for every session.
  • There will be one Zoom link for the entire conference. You are free to join and exit as you please throughout the day.
  • Some sessions will be recorded, but others will not. Check the agenda below for details.
  • You will be invited to a Slack group where conversations about the specific topics can continue even after the conference.

What topics will be covered?

All times mentioned below are Eastern (US) time. Use this link if you need help converting to other time zones.

9:00am EDT – Session 1: What does it mean to be Hindu?

Being a Hindu is not primarily about adhering to a set of beliefs or practices. Hindus who follow Lord Jesus sometimes wrestle with rethinking and reestablishing what it means to be Hindu. This session features three bhaktas who have been following Jesus for many years. They will share the stages of their journey in what it means to be Hindu.

This session will NOT be recorded. A written summary will be provided.

11:00am EDT – Session 2: How to be in a family community as a bhakta?

Many people that Alongsiders interact with are in their early stages of following Lord Jesus. But what happens when they enter into new stages of life? Marriage? Children? What does it look like to be a bhakta of Lord Jesus in these different stages? This session has three female bhaktas who have been through multiple stages of life and will share what that journey has been like.

This session will NOT be recorded. A written summary will be provided.

1:00pm EDT – Session 3: Releasing bhaktas and continuing fellowship: The story of an Indian church

The relationship of Hindu bhaktas and Indian Christians has generally been very tenuous. However, this is the story of one church that has wrestled deeply with this issue and eventually decided to release one family from the church so that they could practice their bhakti on their own.

This session will be recorded and shared.

3:00pm EDT – Session 4: My pilgrimage in understanding Hindu traditions and representing Christ among Hindus

This speaker spent his early years traveling through Nepal and India in the 1980s. He experienced a different side of India, but had much of the same zeal that still exists today. 35 years later, he reflects back working alongside the church, unintentional emotional wounds, idealism, and what kind of ‘fruit’ you should expect from such a life. He will be joined by two other panelists to discuss how these issues have or have not changed in modern times.

An audio recording of this session will be shared.

5:00pm EDT – Session 5: Resources for Alongsiders

During this time, we will share several helpful resources for Alongsiders including books to order, what’s coming up next for MARG, new book releases, and notable blogs to follow.

This session will be recorded and shared.

7:00pm EDT – Session 6: Life after being an international student

Coming to North America as an international student is a huge challenge. Some Hindus who come have positive experiences with Alongsiders who create in them a curiosity to know more about Lord Jesus. But what happens after graduation? These are three stories of people who studied in North America, started following Lord Jesus, and decided to stay and work here.

This session will NOT be recorded. A written summary will be provided.

9:00pm EDT – Session 7: Long distance relationships with Hindus

Whether it is because of life changes or a pandemic, it is often necessary to continue a relationship with a Hindu friend from a distance. In this session we’ll talk about some of the challenges and opportunities of long distance relationships.

This session will be recorded and shared.


The cost for the conference this year is $10 per device. Friends and family can watch around the same device. You can come in and out of the webinar as you want.

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