Rethinking Forum 2021

The Digital Conference – July 10, 2021

This year, we are having a one day fully digital conference.

Testimonials about past Rethinking Forums:

“RF has changed the trajectory of my life and ministry in incalculable ways.”

“You will not find this level of discussion, genuine love, and progressive thinking at any other conference.”

“I am SO grateful to be a part of this group of believers. RF is an invaluable resource and network. Thank you for all that you’re doing to help us love our Hindu friends better!”

“Just meeting RF people we did not know before was a blessing. This is an incredibly important place for encouraging alongsiders, helping sharpen their understanding, and networking between those involved.”

“I love the stimulating discussions of relevant issues that sharpen our thinking and raise our sensitivity and compassion.”

What does a digital RF look like?

Last year, we brought in speakers from all over the world. This year, we’ll focus on having discussions with each other.

  • The day starts at 11am and ends at 8:00pm (Eastern US time).
  • There are 12 sessions to choose from, and plenty of time for interaction with each other. Some sessions will be held at the same time.
  • There will be one link for the entire conference. You are free to join and exit as you please throughout the day.
  • Most sessions will be recorded, but a few may not depending on the leaders of the sessions.
  • You will be invited to a Slack group where conversations about the specific topics can continue even after the conference.

What topics will be covered?

COVID grief and loss

Kandaswami Chetty

Using social media to walk alongside

Walking alongside Hindu families

Walking alongside male students

Walking alongside female students

Funding models

Open Q&A

Language learning

Walking alongside professionals


The cost for the conference this year is $10 per device. Friends and family can watch around the same device. You can come in and out of the conference as you want.

You will be sent an email before the conference begins with all the log in information to access the conference.